About Fuyu Persimmons

Fuyu persimmons are not like any you have tasted before. Unlike Asian Hachiya and wild American varieties, Fuyu Persimmons do not give an unripe or bitter taste experience. When Fuyus are ripe, they are still firm to the touch and are sweet and ready to eat freshly picked each fall.

Fuyu Persimmons are a refreshing and nutritious fall treat

The Fuyu Persimmon Variety originated in Japan where it is regaled as the national fruit. Latin for “food of the gods”, the persimmon has enjoyed enormous popularity worldwide in the culinary world, and in the homes of the American population. Fuyu persimmons add just the right touch of sweet freshness to raw and cooked dishes alike.

Ripeness Information:
Fuyus will continue to ripen when sitting on the counter. They will be sweeter and more orange in color the longer they ripen. They are fully ripe when there are no longer any shades of green on the skin and it is fully orange. They will be firm when ripe but can continue to ripen until soft and very sweet. Put them in the fridge to keep them longer once ripe. They can be eaten peeled or unpeeled, as you like them.

Nutritional Content:
Manganese, B-Complex vitaamins, copper, phosphorus, as well as phytonutrients, flavonoids, and anti-oxidants. Low in calories and fat. Fuyus are an excellent source of fiber. Read more about the nutritional content of Fuyu Persimmons.